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About Us

We Are TechTone

We believe in finding a solution for the pain points in an organisation. With the right balance of Technology and Process Management we deliver simple solutions tailored for you.
  • The end user of your business, product or service is the winner
  • Creating action plans to resolve the Pain Points is the solution
  • We make technology work for you
  • A happier work place/clients and end users is the pathway for growth
  • Service is our focus

Our Point of Difference

TechTone design Human-Factor processes, systems, or products to take proper account of the interaction between them and the people who use them. TechTone take into account the end user of your product or service to ensure their expectations are met.

A simple way to view Human-Factor is to think about four aspects:

•     The job or service
•     The resulting positive (or negative) attitudes of the individuals and the organization.
•     How these impact customers
•     Health and safety-related behaviour

TechTone delivers a happier, safer workplace, improved productivity and higher customer satisfaction, which promotes increased sales and profit margins.

Using Human-Factoring in all aspects of our business means that TechTone delivers to you, a “Point of Difference” that is measurable and enhances your business and experience.

We Listen - Act- Achieve

Our Incredible Goals

Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.
Pablo Picasso, Artist
 Goals are set and achieving them is an incredible feeling. We set our goals for you, from the information you share with us. Targeting goals jointly based on a planned project workflow means we both understand expectations and deliverables. Understanding your needs means we focus on real goals for you and your team. Our objective is to see you enjoy that incredible feeling of achieving goals progressively throughout a project. Needless to say, we work as one team with you. That’s our Incredible Goal.

Save Your Money. Discover TechTone

A solution for a wide range of industries, tailored to fit your needs. Scale as you Grow - TechTone’s Software is designed to scale as you grow your Business. We enable growth with you. We work behind the scenes to keep the software refined to the latest levels.

Our Awesome Strength

One thing is certain, businesses change year by year. Your needs and your customer’s needs change.  At TechTone we understand this, and plan all our projects with this in mind. We lift the weight off your shoulders; change is not something to be feared. As changes happen in your business we create workflows that strengthen your business accordingly. We are always learning and creating new awesome ways of doing things. You can rest easy knowing we have the strength to uplift you to new levels when you need us.

We Listen, We Discuss, We Advise, We Develop

How often do you think the words “if only they would listen”? We listen by asking a lot of questions, that’s our style. We love to understand your needs and also the needs of your customers. This way we won’t waste your time, we provide solutions tailored to your needs.

Offering Feature Rich, Professional Product

At TechTone we believe products should be feature rich and ready to avoid that “if only” statement. If it is not already there we will happily add any feature you prefer to make your workflow smooth and professional.

Do What it Takes to Make it Right

We think outside the square and find ways to make it work. There is often more than one approach that can be implemented. If it can to be done then we do it.

We Test, We Deploy

All our software and workflows are progressively tested during the development phase. No surprises when we deploy. Planning ahead to go live is time well spent.

We Continuously Evaluate and Welcome Customer Feedback

Change is inevitable. We plan for change based on customer feedback and industry trending. We provide forward planning guidelines as part of our ongoing customer support.

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