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Technical Solutions

At TechTone it is all about people and technology. We ensure technology solutions work for you. We “Remove Frustrations” out of workflows.

Human Factor

This tops our list of priorities for you. Our projects consider the Human Factor impact. A “Positive Outcome” in this area - our only option.


We find Pain Points in your business and act. This means we create a smile on your face “Increased Productivity” - More $.

Business Solutions

We listen and evaluate your needs and hot points. Our solutions “Tailored” to your business unique requirements? We love the challenge.

Scaling Up

Planning forward - we look beyond the now. Scaling up to meet future needs is a must. Our vision “Thinking Ahead” to your tomorrow.

Customer Support

Human Factor says it all with support. You talk to a “Real Person” not a machine Friendly, Knowledgeable, Responsive.

Our Promise


We have a Simple approach in doing things. When we start a project our specialists ask the relevent questions to gather information and reveal your pain points in the business.

The Solutions and Technology implemented by us are planned to work for you and your Team with minimal Training. Keep it Simple. 



Our Software Solutions are designed to be Stable meaning the objects should not require changes over time. This means that it will need the least amount of maintenance.




Scalability is the capability of a System, Software, or process to handle a growing amount of work, or its potential to be enlarged in order to accommodate that growth. Our software’s portals and all cloud based applications are architected in a way to be capable of growing needs, so that there is an ability for an increasing number of organizations or users to easily share a single distributed system.


Some Interesting Things About Us

Our Vision is to have a complete planed Tailored Solutions for all our customers. We support every customer to their requirement.
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Our Advantages

Effective Communication

Communication is about people skills. We provide the best for you by understanding what you’re telling us. We Listen - Act and Deliver. Our team has been trained to communicate clearly. Communication can also be about EDI, E-commerce or Technical Networking. We love these aspects of our work.


Accurate and Speedy Processing of Information

This is simply not negotiable. Speedy processing is about efficient coding and program development with a plan. We will advise you on all aspects of this, as every minute counts.



So many businesses start local and globalization is something that simply surprises them. We discuss this with you early. A planned approach means we make it easy for you to look after your customers around the world (Currency, Freight, etc). Already Global? then chat to us about our experience in simplifying the workflows. We take your business requirements and look after the technology so you have more time to look after your customers.


Anytime anywhere system “The Cloud”

In the office, at home, travelling, no matter, we make sure wherever you are you have access to your data. We cover this for you. You relax and focus on the business. Cloud computing makes your life easier.

Cost Effectiveness and Scalability for future

Chat to us about your needs today knowing we are doing just that, providing just what you need now. We always have your system ready and scalable to take you to the next step when the budget and time is right. You don’t have to wait, have what you need now in a cost effective way.

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