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What we do?

Research & Planning

Delivering the right solution to meet your needs requires collaboration. Our open focused approach to research and planning creates the platform for success.

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Concept & Design

We embrace your viewpoints adding our experience and analytical approaches thus, ensuring pain points of the past are removed and addressed.

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Testing & Developing

Our project timelines include ongoing comprehensive testing regimes, this enables issues to be progressively addressed and resolved.

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Why TechTone

Technical Solutions

At TechTone it is all about people and technology. We ensure technology solutions work for you. We “Remove Frustrations” out of workflows.

Human Factor

This tops our list of priorities for you. Our projects consider the Human Factor impact. A “Positive Outcome” in this area – our only option.


We find Pain Points in your business and act. This means we create a smile on your face “Increased Productivity” – More $.

Business Solutions

We listen and evaluate your needs and hot points. Our solutions “Tailored” to your business unique requirements? We love the challenge.

Scaling Up

Planning forward – we look beyond the now. Scaling up to meet future needs is a must. Our vision “Thinking Ahead” to your tomorrow.

Customer Support

Human Factor says it all with support. You talk to a “Real Person” not a machine Friendly, Knowledgeable, Responsive.

Our Skills

TechTone’s solutions are tailored for your business requirement, all workflows are mapped into the solution. We involve subject matter professionals in development of the right technology for our clients.

Skills in business are earnt and learnt. Experience counts, as does training and research. We pride ourselves in providing the time for our team members to stay in tune with the upward technology curve.  We allocate research and training into our weekly schedules. This means the value we offer to our clients is increased in the area of consulting, development and solution deliverables.

Experience within our team includes business executives that have owned or been involved with business operations across different sectors. This experience enables us to quickly understand what our clients are looking to achieve. We particularly understand that a key skill our clients expect from our team is confidentiality, we honour this.

Human Factoring within projects is known to deliver high level results you can count on.  We have the resources/skills to deliver this. Human Factoring is an inbuilt skill with-in our team structure.

Our Skills

It’s All About People the Human-Factor

Our focus is more than systems and technology, it is about people. People inside and outside your business will be affected by your decisions. The end user of your product or service drives the profit $ within your business. Understanding their needs is core to the business – people make or break a business.

Our Recent Projects

We remove complicated processes to simplify workflows and save valuable time. Reducing stress/pressure creates a happy healthy team, plus increased productivity. Your team has time to work on growth opportunities for your business.

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