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Lead HRM

Lead HRM

Human Resources is common to all business, LEAD HRM simplifies and opens a new horizon to HRM software.

To plan, operate and manage all human resources operations we have a complete solution at your fingertip. Lead HRM, is designed by industry experts to cater all businesses. Peace of mind for your busy HR Manager.

To Lead a team of people to success we give you a complete and customized solution for your business requirement of all your Human Resource management – LeadHRM. Recruitment, Payroll, Time sheet, billing, attendance management, Expenses claims etc in a complete solution. All process are tracked and delivered to you on a cloud based system.

One Solution for all your people.

Lead HRM is a HR management software (HRMS) which serves as the core system of record for employee management, payroll management, attendance management, productivity management, leave applying &tracking and many other details. The combination of these modules into one application assures the perfect platform of a HR management software for re-engineering and aligning your HR processes along with the organizational goals.

  • The Time & Attendance Management

The time & attendance management is an integral part of the HR management software and this module fetches data from a biometric system (push data facility) or any attendance inputting devices and is synced with the system real time. Unauthorized absence costs you money, prevents the effective administration of leave policies and lowers employee morale. Bulk data upload facility is also available in the system via excel uploads

  • Employee Database

Employee Database helps you in quickly browsing critical employee information and in easily locating employees. You can see the data for past and current employees with filters on various categories and employment status. You can also keep a record of a variety of details including bio-data, photo, organizational details, qualifications, family, passports, and much more.

  • Leave Management

Employee login is available in the system with limited access levels which allows applying for leaves & viewing pending requests. The leave requests are notified to the immediate supervisor who accepts or denies the request. Escalation points are well defined in the hierarchy, where by leaves request could always be pushed up the ladder in a single click. It also eliminates busy work involved in leave administration and employee follow ups, saving time and transaction costs

  • Overtime Register

The overtime register enables the administrator to configure multiple shifts for different employee groups with break timings. The overtimes of each employee is pooled out from the attendance fetched from the biometric system & shift configurations and these details are pooled into the overtime slab calculator for salary calculations

Other Modules

  • Policies and Forms
  • Training
  • Perfomance Appraisal
  • Recruitment Management
  • Loans and Advances
  • ESI Reports
  • EDF Reports
  • Month Wise ESI/EDF Payments

Features & Benefits of HRMS :

  •  Lead HRM allows the employees to take copies of the Payslips of the respective months in a single click process. The Payslip heads could be customized according to the requirement.
  •  The Software could be integrated with any biometric systems (card reader system having the push data facility) to obtain real time attendance of the employee logged in.
  • Lead HRM allows the users to use the system on the go on their laptops, tablets or smart phones with the responsive design structures.
  • Lead HRM comes with a holiday calendar which allows to set holidays and major events of the organization. The software allows flexibility to set the holiday calendars on branch or company
  •  Option to add multiple Companies (Stand Alone Product to cater each Company’s Business Requirement
  •  Company/Branch Reports
  •  Notification on document expiry in the dashboard & email alert
  •  Mail Merge Options
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